For over 150 years, the Tetley brand has offered a heritage steeped in tradition and expertise. We compete in over 40 countries worldwide. As tea is our only business, we are focused and innovative within the tea category. We offer one of the most experience proprietary blending teams in the industry. Additionally, our cupping staff's decades of experience in the art of tea tasting, blend development and blend management. Their experience ensures accurate control of blends and their components throughout the blending and packaging process.

Product Offering
As a major supplier to the U.S. foodservice industry, we offer a range of premium, quality and innovative tea solutions at excellent value. Our product portfolio includes hot teas in black, green, herbal and specialty blends. Additionally we offer a complete line of iced teas in 1 oz., 3 oz. and 4 oz. sizes. We offer 65 unique selections of bag/type/size combinations coupled with over 100 blends resulting in our ability to offer a tremendous variety of tea products. Our full service capabilities allows us to provide proprietary blends for our customers. In addition to our quality product offering, our marketing and merchandising programs are designed to increase sales at the operator level.

Our line of tea products includes innovation across all tea categories. Our Brew Magic® iced tea bag has a patented product design for optimal tea extraction. This bag design coupled with our special blend brews an outstanding iced tea product that delivers premium color, clarity and flavor. The Tetley patented drawstring tea bag design is available in our herbal and specialty teas. This patented tea bag design extracts every last drop of tea without releasing additional tannins which may create a bitter cup of tea. Our real brewed iced tea concentrate is produced via a patented extraction process that reduces the use of preservatives, creating a natural fresh brewed taste.

We are the largest proprietary tea packing company in the United States, with three manufacturing locations strategically located in Anaheim, CA, Moorestown, NJ, and Marietta, GA. Two of our plants are certified organic tea manufacturers. Tetley maintains "audit ready" facilities as well as active HACCP program, ensuring food safety. All of our production employees receive regular training in good manufacturing practices, ensuring the highest standards in manufacturing practices. Our manufacturing facilities have "Full Tracing Genealogy" which is a unique software application deemed a "manufacturing execution system". This application provides us the ability to trace our teas back to the initial tea estate.

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