Tetley’s Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate and Dispensing System delivers on the industry need for convenience, quality and safety. It comes complete with a turn-key dispensing system that serves Real Brewed iced tea on demand-one glass, one pitcher or one gallon at a time.

Real Taste & Quality

Setting a new standard for convenience in iced tea!

  • Looks like real tea
  • Smells like real tea
  • Tastes like real tea...because it IS real tea made from the highest quality of leaf tea blends

Real Convenience

Make what you need when you need it!

  • Minimum prep time
  • Zero waste
  • Easy to clean dispenser
  • Yields 48 gallons of finished Tetley real brewed iced tea*

Real Safety

Refreshment you and your customers can rely on! Advanced brewing technology guarantees a bacteria-free product.

  • No spoilage
  • No contamination
  • No waste

Real Simple

Real Brew® Iced Tea Dispensing System is remarkably easy to use!

  • No electricity required
  • Simple drink strength adjustment for a consistently great taste
  • Delivers 48 gallons of real brewed iced tea on demand*

UPC # Product Description Case Pack Yield
1115605536 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Unsweetened 2-1.5 gal 48 gal
1115605535 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Sweetened 2-1.5 gal 48 gal
1115605537 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Southern Sweet 2-1.5 gal 36 gal
85617900103 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Sweet Peach 2-1.5 gal 48 gal
85617900102 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Sweet Green with Lemongrass 2-1.5 gal 48 gal
85617900115 Tetley Real Brew® Iced Tea Concentrate – Sweet Raspberry 2-1.5 gal 48 gal
85617900101 Tetley Real Brew® Pour & Stir – Unsweetened 24-4 oz 24 gal
85617900160 Tetley Lemonade 2-1 gal 12 gal

Contact your local Tetley Sales Representative for more information

*Southern sweet yield 36 gallons

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