Safety Tips
Brewed-leaf iced tea is 98% local water. Its flavor is such that the quality of the water and condition of the brewing equipment are crucial to a quality, fresh-brewed iced tea product. To guarantee your brewing equipment is clean and your customers receive only the best fresh-brewed iced tea, follow these simple steps:
  1. Do not hold brewed tea overnight.
  2. Clean tea-brewing equipment at least once a day.
  3. Sanitize equipment at least once per week.
  4. Do not let fresh-brewed iced tea sit at room temperature for more than 8 hours.
Foodservice tea sales have increased 36% over the last three years and have more than doubled since 1980. To take advantage of this trend in your operation, make sure your equipment is clean at ALL TIMES!

About Tea and Bacteria
The bottom line: As with all of the other food products you use, if you adhere to proper preparation, holding and sanitation procedures, fresh-brewed iced tea is a highly profitable, wonderfully tasting and safe beverage!
  • According to the FDA, bacteria recovered from iced tea is from normal organisms that live on the surface of tea leaves as well as raw vegetables and other plants.
  • According to the FDA, all raw and processed foods contain bacteria.
  • The primary cause for high bacteria counts found in tea served by food establishments is related to excessive holding times and/or poor cleaning and sanitizing procedures.

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